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UMass Boston’s MakerSpace is a collaboration with SFE (School for the Environment), Engineering Department, Computer Science, and IT Services

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About The MakerSpace
Located on the 3rd floor of Science in room 34, used in conjunction with faculty teaching in the SFE is an area where faculty, students and staff from different disciplines can come together to create, collaborate & learn. Once staffed, the open-access, self-service lab today contains two entry level (Cube) 3d printers, one professional 3d printer (Cube Pro), two MakerBot printers and one 3d hand-held scanner. Six computers – one iMac and five Dell Optiplex with the software needed allow faculty, students and staff to create and edit images that can be created on these 3d printers.

A new service being rolled out for Spring 2017 is Virtual & Augmented reality.  Come help us integrate this service into our curriculum.

We encourage students and the clubs as well as faculty from all disciplines, artists, researchers, STEM subject to encourage their students to visit the lab and begin collaborating and innovating. Over the coming months we hope to add additional resources and services that faculty, students, staff and community members can use, such as Laser Cutters for creating models & prototyping & Plotters to create posters, decals, signs; soldering equipment; etc.

More Information
Location: 3rd floor of the Science Building, room #34
For questions & information: MakerSpace@umb.edu
Contact: Helenmary Hotz (Helenmary.Hotz@umb.edu) or Apurva Mehta (Apurva.Mehta@umb.edu), John Mazzarella (John.Mazzarella@umb.edu), Michelle McIntyre (Michelle.McIntyre@umb.edu)
More information: http://makerspace.umb.edu
Hours of Service: Monday – Thursday : 9:00am to 5:00pm & Friday : 9:00am to 2:00pm [Subject to change]

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