We ask that you follow the Rules as laid out below.

Be Creative – Respect the rules – explore, inquire, engage and most importantly HAVE FUN!

  1. Turn OFF equipment after use.
  2. We do not judge others – neither the objects they create or the techniques they used in creating them.
  3. Absolutely Forbidden – Print weapons, drug paraphernalia, or other offensive items.
  4. Share your wisdom. The MakerSpace is a family. If you see someone struggle and can help, please do so. If you don’t know how to do or use something, please ask!
  5. Clean up – When you are finished clear up your work area and return the equipment to its original location.
  6. Things Break – the 3D printers and scanners are delicate equipment. Please inform the staff if you notice that the equipment is not working.
  7. No copyright, patent, or trademark infringement allowed. You cannot use the Makerspace Lab to make, replicate, or alter objects, whether physical or digital, that violates copyright, patent, or trademark law.

For health reasons we do not print using ABS material.

If you are injured, please call 7-7098. A first-aid kit is located above the sink.

Have questions – please email:

Credit to Brandeis University for sharing these rules.