Who can use the MakerSpace Lab?
The MakerSpace lab is open to ALL members of the community – faculty, students and staff.

Is there a cost associated with using the MakerSpace Lab?
No – there is no cost associated with using the lab.

What can I use the 3d printers / scanner for?
Current UMass Boston students, faculty, and staff can use the 3D printer and scanners for class projects and assignments, to create prototypes and models, for personal use, and more.

What are the hours of the lab?
Mon and Weds : 9:00am-5:00pm
Tues and Thurs: 11:00am-5:00pm
Friday : 9:00am-2:00pm
Saturday & Sunday : Closed | Open on request only

What equipment is available in the MakerSpace lab?
Desktop 3D Printers – 2 MakerBot Replicators
Entry level 3D printers – 2 Cube 3
Professional 3D printer – 1 Cube Pro
3D Scanner – Hand Held Sense Scanner
iMac – 27″, 32MB RAM
Dell Optiplex – i7 Processor, 32GB RAM, 24″ Monitor
5 Dell Optiplex 980 – i5 processor, 8GB RAM

What software applications are available?
Presently AutoDesk Fusion 360 and the Adobe Creative Suite are the only apps installed.
We are reviewing other options such as: Wings3d, SketchUP, Rhino, Inventor, Tinkercad & Maya.

If there are other apps you would like us to acquire, please email: MakerSpace@umb.edu.